Business Approval Process

The business approval process begins at Pleasanton’s one-stop Permit Center where the City’s Planning, Building, and Engineering divisions are located. While all businesses have specific elements that make them unique, most will follow this general process:

Zoning Approval

Based on the location of operation, a business will be determined as permitted or conditional use (or on rare occasions not permitted) based on the City’s zoning code and/or a designated Planned Unit Development (PUD).
  • A permitted use business will receive zoning approval and can obtain a business license and prepare for opening.
  • Businesses designated as a conditional use may require additional review and approval from the Community Development Director or the Planning Commission.

Development Review

  • Some projects require the submittal of additional information, particularly if the business is a conditional use, involve new construction, or propose significant exterior changes or additions to a building.
  • Specialized information guides for different types of submittals, along with the standard Application for Development Review, are available on the city’s website under Planning Services.
  • Businesses located within Hacienda and Pleasanton Downtown Association districts are also subject to approval by those respective organizations.

Plan Check Review

For tenant improvements or new construction, plan review is performed by Building Division staff or by plan check professionals.

  • Many commercial locations throughout the city have sign criteria regulating size, materials and placement.
  • All signage review is provided by the Planning Division as part of the project review process.

Upon plan approval, a business is almost ready to receive a building permit. Building Division staff will calculate the fees associated with the project, and, upon payment of those fees, a building permit will be issued and the work can begin.

Checking on Progress

Manage your building permit online and by phone to schedule inspections, check the status of a permit or inspection, or check for property information.

Opening Your Business

As you prepare to open the doors of your business in Pleasanton, we’ve made getting a business license easy. Based on gross receipts, the annual fee is a minimum of $25 and grows as the revenues from a company grow. To obtain a business license, visit the Permit Center or find Business License information and an application online.

Running a Home-Based Business

  • Pleasanton allows some types of businesses to be operated at a residential property.
  • Businesses need to complete an approval process for a zoning certificate by visiting the City’s Permit Center
  • Application to Conduct a Business in Your Home
  • Obtain a Business License.